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Rocky Mountain Revival is an Audio Art Journal. What does that mean? We are a haven for readers, writers, singers, storytellers, audio artists, listeners and dreamers; an oasis for story-thirsty wanderers; an island of freedom in an ocean of thought tyranny surrounded by sharks that feed on the imagination. And no, we are not exaggerating. We support all arts, though we have a focus on literature and music.
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Jan 5, 2018

A 'Best Of' playlist of all the music RMR has aired over the last 3 years. A melodic feast for your ears.

1. Stelth Ulvang- And as Always, the Infinite Cosmos- Out for Yourself

2. Dwight Vernon Forcey- Note to Self: Whatever- I Feel better When I Lose

3. Mega Gem- Colors of the West- Puddles

4. Sophie Paulette Jupillat- Waltz of the Romanovs Folks

5. King Cardinal- EP- The Beggar

6. Andrew Neal- Female King- More Like a Train Wreck

7. The Maykit- Moonboy- What Have You Done

8. Arusha Topazzini- Ovento

9. Electric Thinking Machine- Coyote Theme

Jan 5, 2018

Brice Maiurro reads “Talking to God Over Shitty Coffee at Denny’s” 

Lynsey Morandin reads “Ghost Town” and “What We’re Left With”


Brice is a poet and writer out of Denver, Colorado. He runs a poetry series throughout the Front Range called Punch Drunk Poetry. His first collection of poems, Stupid Flowers, is now available through Punch Drunk Press. His poetry and short fiction have been featured by The Denver Post, Birdy and Suspect Press.

Lynsey is a lover of the Oxford comma, the Toronto Maple Leafs, and basically any wine ever. After working for a number of national magazines, an international ad agency, and two publishing houses, she co-founded Hypertrophic Press, a tiny indie publishing house that produces a quarterly literary magazine and the occasional book. She currently lives in Alabama with her husband and cat, Frankie, and frequently makes the 14-hour drive back to Toronto because she’s terrified of flying.

Oct 25, 2017

For any writers out there who have wanted to peer behind the curtain at the mysterious world of literary agents.

Shana Kelly of Einstein Literary Management and Becky LeJeune, Associate Agent at Bond Literary Agency speak on querying, communication, how to bribe an agent, and nearly everything you need to know about the agent submission process.

Rachel Weaver hosts for the 2017 Fall Conference at the Colorado Writing School.

Jun 12, 2017

“Peaceful Warriors” by Tanya Rodrigue.

This narrative audio journalism piece—part documentary/part personal narrative—tells a story of the Jan. 21st Women's March. The story weaves together narration, family stories, media clips, and interviews/conversations with protestors at the sister marches in Chicago, DC, London, Toronto and Denver. Perhaps more importantly, it tells a story about protests—how they work to foster human connection and evoke intense emotions that drive people to action.

Tanya Rodrigue is an English professor at Salem State University and teaches writing and rhetoric. She lives in Salem, Massachusetts with her husband, Pete, and her son, Aedan.

Twitter @TKrisR

Apr 10, 2017

This is an audio trailer for Rain Check Collected Stories by Levi Andrew Noe.

There is a special offer for a FREE audiobook, just tune in at the end of the episode. 

Please enjoy three complete stories from Rain Check free. And if you like what you hear and want to purchase the entire book you can find it on Audible or iTunes. You can also visit for more about the book and to purchase a print or e-book version.

The 58 stories of Rain Check explore the vast universes that exist within the 1,000 word confines of flash literature. The material leaps gracefully from the humorous, the heartbreaking, reverent, profane, carnal and the ethereal. Noe makes us feel bound in deeply personal moments and experiences that, in turn, tap into the unifying humanity that binds us all. Rain Check zooms in and out of the macro and microscopic while always keeping a keen eye on the multi-faceted mystery of being that seems to only make sense through contradiction.

Published by Truth Serum Press, Copyright 2016, the Audiobook was produced by Levi Andrew Noe copyright 2016.

Mar 21, 2017

In this episode we take you on a journey. We have 10 artists, over a dozen stories, poems and a featured song that will all transport you to another place, another time, at the very least another vantage point.

Writers, Poets and Artists (in order of appearance):

Clive Collins- “Into Africa”

Yvonne Higgins Leach- “The Woman Only Wanted Water,” “Walter, Wrongly Convicted,” and “We Cancel Thanksgiving Dinner After the 2016 Election Results”

Brendan Walsh- “A Good Beer,” “In La Jolla, Drinking Blue Label at Dusk,” and “No Life, No Hope”

Lisa Biggar- “Blood Moon”

Arusha Topazzini- “Ovento”

Sergio A. Ortiz- “If it Rains and Night Arrives”

Amy Nemecek- “A Daughter’s Keepsake”

Joe Roberts- “How to Know You’re Being Invaded: A Story Problem,” and “Someday, When a Child Asks me About Kites”

Susan Koefod- “Singed”

Lenny DellaRocca- “Big John”


Thematic Music provided by Kai Engel

Jan 24, 2017

What we have here is our annual dance party featuring 8 authors reading microfiction works featured in Blink Ink

Our authors are: Nancy Stohlman, Doug Matthewson (reading for Sally Reno), Rob Geisen, Lynn Mundell, Kathryn Knudson, Gay Degani, Katie Yates, and Catfish McDaris

And we are graced with musical accompaniment from Nick Busheff.

Dec 23, 2016

Joe Halstead is the author of West Virginia, a novel available from Unnamed Press. His work has appeared in People Holding, Cultured Vultures, Cheat River Review, The Stockholm Review, and others.

The Unnamed Press publishes literature from around the world. Whether it's fiction, memoir or something in between, we are always interested in unlikely protagonists, undiscovered territories and courageous voices.

Dec 10, 2016

An essay from D. Sidney Potter’s forthcoming collection of essays from Penguin Random House/Author House titled The Essayist: Reflections from a Real Estate Survivor.

A former commercial real estate broker in the 1990’s, Mr. Potter now spends his time writing about all things real estate related.  His first book, entitled The Flip: The True Life Story of How a Successful New Tract Home Investor Went from Zero to Hero, Back to Zero, received critical acclaim from New York Times best sellers, PhD’s to HGTV hosts.  He believes someone should start an organization called, Real Estate without Borders.

Nov 5, 2016

On this episode, a guidebook for writers looking to get published and learn the secrets of the writing world. Meg Tuite is our moderator and our panel is Robert Vaughan, Kathy Fish, and Len Kuntz.

What you’re going to hear about specifically is:

  • Submitting to literary journals
  • Competitions          
  • Rejections, dealing with rejection, learning from rejections, levels of rejections
  • Publishing collections and books
  • Promotion
Oct 21, 2016

Daniel DiFranco lives in Philadelphia. He teaches high school English and music. He plays in a band. He likes short, clear sentences. He often throws in a longer clause to balance out the rhythm of a paragraph. His work has appeared in Smokelong Quarterly, LitroNY, Philadelphia Stories, The Molotov Cocktail, and other fine publications. He is a regular contributor at Geekadelphia.

Daniel will read for us today "When You Find Yourself at the Center of the Earth", which he scored and recorded himself. It’s a reprint from the Winter 2015 issue of Hypertrophic Press.

Those People is a collection of multi-instrumentalists who create songs that “take the listener on a sonic journey chock full of inventive vocal harmonies, interesting melody, and lyrical content,” (Jennifer Logue, Rock On Philly).

Oct 6, 2016

Jonathan Cardew is a short story writer and editor based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His short [and very short] fiction appears in Atticus ReviewSegueJellyfish Review, Microfiction Monday, Flash FrontierPeople Holding, among other places. He teaches writing at Milwaukee Area Technical College, where he also edits The Phoenix Literary and Arts Magazine. He is from a city in the north of England, known for its knives.

Make sure and stick around after the stories to hear two guys nerding out and making  Star Wars jokes.

"Pretend-Phoning" was first published in Spelk Fiction and “The Girl who had a TIE-fighter for a Nose” was first published in The Forge Literary Magazine.

Sep 23, 2016

Hillary Leftwich is a native of Colorado and currently lives in Denver with her son. In her day jobs, she has worked as a private investigator, maid, and pinup model. Her writing appeared recently in NANO FictionMonkeybicycleDogzplotOne Sentence Love Stories with Meg Pokrass and is forthcoming in Eunoia Review. Her flash fiction story, “Free Lunch,” is forthcoming in Progenitor and was also nominated for The Pushcart Prize. You can follow her on twitter @HillaryLeftwich.

This is a live recording at Denver's F-Bomb. 

Sep 6, 2016

Steven Dunn is the author of the novel Potted Meat (Tarpaulin Sky Press, 2016)

He was born and raised in West Virginia, and after 10 years in the Navy, he earned a B.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Denver.

Some of his work can be found in Columbia Journal and Granta Magazine.

In this episode Steven reads 6 stories from Potted Meat and then we talk about childhood, spankings, Steven's writing journey and much more. 

Jun 14, 2016

Our artists today are J. Bradley- Flash fictioneer, Lucia Cherciu- Poetess, Clive Collins- Author extraordinarre, All Human-Beautiful musical madness and M.Smith- Soulful songwriter.

It's a smorgasbord of audio art. Two unique bands with genre bending styles, flash fiction, poetry and a short story. It's almost too much. Almost. 

We're taking a break, be back in fall of 2016. 

*All Human is donating a song to those affected by the Orlando tragedy.

Click here to donate.


Apr 11, 2016

Blink-Ink is a print only quarterly of succinct fiction, featuring stories of about 50 words, plus some original art and photography. You can find them at

11 authors reading 25+ microfiction stories. In order of appearance we have: Catfish McDaris, Nancy Stohlman, Meg Tuite, Jonathan Cardew, Jayne Martin, Gay Degani, Paul Beckman, Sharon Coleman, Lynn Mundell, and headlined by Blink Ink’s team and featured dancers Sally Reno and Doug Matthewson.

Mar 9, 2016

"Religions are not Potatoes" is a fullcast audio production from Gabriel Granillo and Michael Minassian reads his tale of Edgar Allen Poe's last three days in "Appointment in Baltimore." We finish the episode with a lovely Russian peasant song, derived from the music of the Romanov court, now fallen into oblivion from Sophie Paulette Jupillat. 

Feb 24, 2016

In this episode we team up with another awesome literary podcast, The Other Stories. Ilana Masad, the host and founder gives us the skinny on The Other Stories and then we have four authors reading stories from previous Other Stories episodes. Readings from: Todd Dillard, Bahiyyih El-Shabbaz, Tyler Barton, and Kit Haggard. 

Feb 9, 2016

The F-Bomb is Denver's premier flash fiction event, happening every month at Denver's own Mercury Cafe. January's F-Bomb "Mouth Crimes" featured Gay Degani and Sally Reno, with the fantacular Kathy Fish as our host. This is a live recording, prepare to get F-Bombed.

Jan 27, 2016

Steve Karas lives in Chicago with his wife and two kids. He is the author of Kinda Sorta American Dream and Mesogeios. His stories have also appeared in the short-fiction anthologies Friend.Follow.Text. #storiesFromLivingOnline and Bully, as well as literary journals like Necessary Fiction, jmww, Hobart, and Little Fiction. He can be found online at or on Twitter at @Steve_Karas.

Dec 24, 2015

Four fantastic writers in this episode: Meghan Phillips, Timothy Herrick (, Penny Perkins and Bud Smith each reading a piece or two of flash fiction.

Musical guest is "psychofunk" band Voodoo Visionary from Atlanta, GA. 

Dec 10, 2015

An awesome collaboration episode with Boston Literary Magazine and Big Table Publishing. Eight noteworthy authors: Tina Barry, April Bradley, Richard H. Fox, Jayne Martin, Laura Rodley, Renuka Raghavan, Paul Beckman, and Doug Mathewson. Special thanks to Robin Stratton EIC of BLM and acquisitions editor at BTP.

This episode is sponsored by Tall Tales Yoga. Visit their Kickstarter.

Nov 30, 2015

The Airgonaut is an online literary journal of flash fiction started in 2015.

The journal is new, but the editors are experienced. We’re an Alanis song. We’re anonymous because all that matters is the work.

This is a flash fiction piece by Levi Andrew Noe called "Broken Wishbones" published by The Airgonaut in Nov. 2015. 


Nov 24, 2015

Rift, the newest release from Robert Vaughan and Kathy Fish from Unknown Press is a co-authored collection of flash fiction. In this episode Kathy and Robert read several stories from their new novel. During the interview they discuss bringing the book to life, indie publishing, their writers' journey and give lots of great advice to new and aspiring writers. 

Nov 10, 2015

Christopher D. DiCicco was born in Pennsylvania during the winter of 1981. He lives by a canal and writes fiction in his attic. His work has appeared in such places as Atticus Review, Superstition Review, WhiskeyPaper, Bartleby Snopes, and Gone Lawn.

Featuring 11 never-before-seen stories, So My Mother, She Lives in the Clouds propels DiCicco into the spotlight as the next major voice in indie fiction.

Hypertrophic Press is a small indie publisher based in Huntsville, Alabama. Their goal is to publish passion and pieces that make the reader feel something: elation, fear, desperation - whatever.

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